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In August of 2014, my rental property located on 8624 W. Monterosa St. in Phoenix experienced severe fire damage in the kitchen that led to smoke damage throughout the rest of the house. Luckily, my tenants weren’t hurt and were able to move out. I own the property free and clear, but with me living in another state, I wasn’t sure if I was going to rebuild the property and start renting out again or if I was just going to sell the property and cash out the insurance money and move on with my life. I had a Private Adjuster acquaintance of min who received and shared Elijah and the WIIN Team’s eBook “How to Survive a House Fire,” which prompted me to call the so-called “Fire Damage King” to see what he could do for me and my situation. Elijah was able to send over his eBook directly to me, which was a good move as it was informative and instilled confidence in me that I was dealing with a specialists in this space as there aren’t a lot of people who can handle a fire damage type of property. After considering some other offers I was receiving, I decided to go with Elijah and the WIIN, LLC Team as he was able to match the other offer, but was able to use his knowledge of how to maximize the profits ofr me on the insurance side where he was able to pre-pay me a percentage of my Depreciation Claim that I only get paid on once I repair the property and seeing that I was selling the property, he found a way for me to still get paid a percentage on the check that I was going to walk away from. To sweeten the pot, he was able to bring his trustworthy Private Claim Adjusters to the table where they are working on a supplemental claim where they did a forensic audit of my insurance policy. I would highly recommend Elijah and the WIIN, LLC Team to help you turn your tragedy into triumph. He got me the cash offer I was asking, got me more upfront money from the Depreciation check I was going to walk away from as well as comb through my insurance policy claim. All while paying all the closing costs, taking the property in “as is” condition and setting a courtesy closing where he had his title company mobile notary come to my house with the closing documents so I didn’t have to fly back to Arizona or even leave my house. He made things easy, simple and headache-free. He delivered for me and I trust he will deliver for you … Thanks Elijah and the whole WIIN, LLC Team! 

       ~ John Murrell, Oakland, California

I found myself in a very difficult situation and thankfully came across WIIN, LLC who helped me through the sale of my parent’s property... the house had been left vacant for year and had caught on fire... WIIN, LLC bought the property in “as is” condition, handled everything from A-Z and actually got some of the late fees waived. Due to how long everything had been neglected and all the fess piling up, I did not believe I was going to get much, however, to my delight, I ended up getting way more [money] than I initially thought I would get for the house. I’m forever grateful and appreciative for all of the work and support that WIIN, LLC was able to extend to me…I would recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in my position or worse, as they were nothing short of amazing to work with. ~ Marcela Lopez

Elijah Rubin contacted me when he saw my ad on Craigslist to sell my home. When he contacted me to buy the house, he explained who he was, have me the information about his company and how the procedure would be to close on our home. During the time we spoke, I found Elijah to be very professional. You can count on being completely informed and any questions being answered! Our experience with him was very effective and pleasant. If ever our paths should cross again, it would be a joy to work with Elijah again. ~ Valeria De Lucchi & Ana Alvarado

I had initially listed my property, however, rather than spend months with it listed, I decided to cancel my listing and go with Elijah and his offer. He closed very quickly, too it “as is,” and was very respectful to my tenants, who were month-to-month at the time. Not only that, but I nearly doubled my return and got a great Cash-on-Cash return. I would recommend Elijah and his great team at WIIN, LLC to anyone who is in a similar situation; whether that be wanting to get a great Cash-on-cash return on your initial investment or if someone simply doesn’t want to wait for the long drawn-out process and wait time that goes along with listing a property. ~ Mark King

Having recently completed a real estate transaction of my home with Elijah Rubin with WIIN, LLC, I cannot express how satisfied [I am] with the transaction. After dealing with a number of real estate agents, Elijah and his team were the only ones persistent and tenacious enough to follow through and make the deal happen. At all time, Elijah was patient and diligent. All communications with him were clear and courteous. I would highly recommend him to anyone. ~ William Wing

Elijah was our broker for the property sale of [our home in Phoenix, Arizona]. Elijah completed the sale for us. We were pleased with his work. He did it in a timely manner. He completed everything he said he would do on the purchase contract. Elijah was very easy to contact if there were any questions and our calls were promptly answered, which was very much appreciated. The final sales was completed fast. I highly recommend Elijah. We were skeptical of calling his advertising card, as we were afraid it was a scam toward out-of-state property owners. Elijah is very truthful about what he presents to you. ~ Bob and Maureen Dolan

Elijah, he helped us sell our home and even helped us find a new apartment for and my family to move into. And even better, he explained to us everything that was going on through each step of the process and made sure we received the money that was coming to us. My family and I will always be grateful to Elijah. ~ Joseph Tidline

I am very pleased with the services provided to me on the sale of a trust owned house. I would use them [WIIN, LLC] in the future, if needed again. The sale of the house was fast and without complication. ~ Mike Seidner

I have had a great experience selling a home because of Elijah, who made it all come together so smoothly. Everything he ad promised he would do, he did. Elijah also took care of any problems we might need worked out with the paperwork. He made sure to always keep good communication during the whole sale. It was all so easy and Elijah kept al his promises and was always very professional and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone, anytime. He’s awesome! ~ Melton and Ledie Semau

Elijah came along just when a house, which was on the market, was almost lost. Thank goodness for Elijah. He came along and purchased the property on time. It took less than 30 days to confirm the sale of the property. Elijah was honest, upfront and he communicated with me and my family throughout the process. Elijah is a man of his word. He does what he says he will do. I will not hesitate to recommend Elijah to all my friends who need to sell, rent or buy property. He is one step ahead in the real estate market in customer service and integrity. ~ Terry Bullock Richardson

My parents passed away last year. We live in California and the property was in Arizona and made it difficult to navigate through all the processes. This made it very difficult to process the sale of the home. Elijah stated he would take care of everything from taxes to HOA repair and upgrading of the house. He handed me a check for the house within under three weeks of the contract. Elijah and WIIN are a topnotch company. They say what they do and do what they say. If Elijah states he will do something, it will be done. ~ Randy Jensen

My husband and I have sold two properties using your contacts and skills: a 6-plex-rental complex and then a 4-plex-rental complex. We appreciate everything you have done that we know about, and everything you must have done and handled that we don’t know about, to get both deals finalized in a way that we were satisfied. You [Elijah] have always honored your word with us, and we notice and value you even more for that. ~ Flora Schule

We contacted Elijah Rubin with regard to selling an investment condo of ours. At the time, we had a renter in place and asked Elijah if he could sell it for us. He thought he would have to sell for less than what we wanted and with the current cash flow we were bringing in at the time from the tenant, we decide to hold off… 8 months later, the tenant leaves while the market goes down even further on condos and we just wanted to get as much cash out of the property as fast as possible…We called Elijah and within five business days, they were able to liquidate our property where we received our cash Friday of the same week. He [Elijah} did exactly what he said he would do, he communicated with us the whole time and he handled everything and made everything effortless. I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking to sell a house or condo. ~ Mark and Rebecca Abbott

I needed to sell my house so I could move to Michigan. Elijah was recommended to me by a friend. He came in and took out all the stress and made it so easy to just concentrate on what I needed. He was always there to help with whatever cropped up and to explain the processes we were going through. I would recommend Elijah to anyone. Thanks, Elijah, for the worry-free move. ~ Karen Sandhurst

I lost my house to a fire. I met Elijah and he worked with me and the insurance company to get everything taken care of. It was a great experience. I could call at any time and he was always there to help. It’s a great help to have someone who will take care of the details and is always there to answer questions or find answers. I would recommend Elijah to anyone. He was the most helpful person during the ordeal. 

 ~ John Guthrie

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